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Zimbabwe intensifies power supply

Samuel Undenge
Energy and Power Development Minister Samuel Undenge says Zimbabwe has various energy projects, which are anticipated to provide 720MW power supply in two years.

In southern Africa, Energy and Power Development Minister Samuel Undenge stated on Monday that Zimbabwe has various energy projects lined up, which are expected to provide 720MW over the next two years.

Although Undenge is optimistic about the planned projects to boost power supply in the country, which currently requires 2,200MW capacity, he expressed concerns over the water crisis at the Kariba Dam, reports The Herald.

“[With] Hwange 7 and 8, we are now at financial closure stage. It will bring 600MW but it’s a medium- to long-term project as it will take four years to complete.”

“We have other ongoing projects such as Kariba South Extension which will bring in 300MW. We expect those units to come on stream in 2018. But again there is the issue of water levels at Kariba Dam,” he explained.

Power supply intensified 

The Herald reported that Zimbabwe has put up a combination of initiatives, which includes the repowering of small thermal stations, the introduction of diesel generators as well as solar generation, all projected to add 720MW over the next two years.

The diesel generators are expected to add 200MW power supply in the next coming two months.

Meanwhile work on repowering small thermal power stations is also expected to commence shortly and is anticipated to add about 220MW on completion.

“We have repowering projects which are ongoing at the three thermal stations. The Bulawayo station was built in 1947 so the machinery is very old. It needs new components and once that is done we will have an additional 70MW from Bulawayo Thermal Power Station,” Undenge said.

He added “We have Munyati thermal power station which is due for repowering. Once it is repowered it will bring in another 60MW. We have another Bulawayo station which had been closed down and will bring in 90MW [when repowered].

“The repowering of the three small thermals would add 220MW in two to three years.”

Babalwa Bungane
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