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Zambia-DRC interconnector power project on track

In Zambia, independent power generation company the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) has confirmed that a second Zambia-Democratic Republic of Congo 220kV interconnector power transmission project is on track and will be commissioned in Q3 2015.

The update follows the signing of an Infrastructure Development Agreement between CEC and state utility of the DRC Société Nationale d’Electricite (SNEL) stating that each party will develop a new dual circuit 220kV transmission line between the DRC and Zambia, which will support the transfer of 500MW of power between the two countries.

Commenting on the project, Julia Chaila, company secretary at CEC, said: “The project is important as it will expand the current capacity of the transmission corridor between Zambia and DRC to 550MW from 250MW.”

Chaila explained that the interconnector transmission project, the first of which has been operating since 1956, will support and develop regional power trade within the Southern African Power Pool.

CEC involvement in hydropower

Grand Inga dam- DRC
Zmabia has five hydropower sites with the ability to generate 700MW of clean power. Pic credit: mg

The copperbelt group also has plans to carry out a feasibility study this year for the Luapula River hydropower station to assist in boosting its power generation capacity.

CEC has spent $2 million to date on the study, local media reported.

“We will continue to develop other projects in Namibia, Sierra Leone and Zambia, including the completion of feasibility for potential hydro projects on the Luapula River,” Chaila concluded.

There are five hydropower sites with the ability to generate 700MW of clean power falling under the feasibility project. These sites are located along the border between the Luapula Province in Zambia and Katanga Province in DRC.

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