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WorldSkills competition encourages skills development in global youth

The WorldSkills competition will be welcoming the global National competition winners to participate in the International Competition in Brazil in 2015.

The idea behind WorldSkills was initiated in 1947 to recognise those individuals who have persevered and continued to reach new heights in technical and artisan careers.

Multinational learning company, Festo, will be hosting the Mechatronic Finals, a division within the WorldSkills 2014 competition.

Russell Schwulst, Business Development Manager of Festo said:

‘Being associated with WorldSkills is important to our company as this is representative of our commitment to education and skills upliftment…

We have been committed to WorldSkills for some years, by supporting the Mechatronics and Mobile Robotics disciplines’.

The Mechatronics Finals will display the requirements needed to be a successful mechatronics engineer. The audience will include School learners, trainees and students.

‘People will understand this career path and what makes people choose it. By informing and showcasing this discipline, we are playing a vital role in the lives and careers of potential engineers…

Education is the basis for a successful future’, Schwulst said.

A key factor in driving economic growth is being equipped with a solid skilled workforce who has the capabilities to drive the economy forward. By encouraging the youth to excel in their careers, is an invaluable platform which WorldSkills has provided.

‘Politicians have been dealing with issues including skills shortages and lack of interest in subjects such as mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology for a number of years’, Schwulst said.

WorldSkills has developed a platform where regional and national skills competitions are challenging the youth, motivating them in being the best that they can be.

In a global community with extremely high levels of illiteracy and lack of skills this initiative keeps optimism high amongst those individuals who can become easily distracted by the external struggles surrounding them.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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