The E-126 “’ the world’s
most powerful wind
Bremen, Germany — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 06 January 2011 – Enercon “’ an internationally recognised producer of wind energy systems “’ has announced the installation on its company premises in Magdeburg, Germany of what is officially the world’s most powerful wind turbine.

The new turbine “’ the first type E-126 wind turbine with an official rated capacity of 7.5 MW “’ has a hub height of 135 m, and, according to Enercon Magdeburg sales manager Frank Ihme, it yields enough electricity to supply about 6 000 households.

The company will be participating for the first time at the South-East European annual Exhibition to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from 13 to 15 April this year.

Another participant at the event, REC Solar, has launched its new Peak Energy Integrated Solution. “We are diversifying our product portfolio to provide tailor made solutions to better meet the needs of individual residential and commercial customers,” said senior vice president, sales and marketing A. Fodstad. The REC Peak Energy Integrated Solution is designed for building in-roof solar systems that combine the power output of REC solar modules with the proven SolrifTM installation system.

The annual South East European Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2011, which is taking place in parallel with the exhibition, will feature leading players of the renewable energy sector introducing new technologies, products and services. One of the main features will be the Waste-to-Energy session with 15 speakers from: Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Japan, Canada, USA, UK, Serbia and Switzerland.