27 May 2010 – "Belgian based ELECTRAWINDS recently completed the erection of the first of 25 wind turbines within the COEGA Industrial Development Zone. The equipment used is the VESTAS V90 turbine producing 1.8MW.

Electrawinds Africa project developer Emil Unger told ESI-Africa that the project, which was the first of a larger 25-turbine farm, would be officially opened by the end of May.

They will be supplying the Nelson Mandela Stadium with free electricity for the duration of the World Cup games, totaling approximately 300, 000 KWh of free green renewable wind energy, Unger said.

The remaining 24 turbines will follow during the first half of 2011. They will either use 1.8 MW or 3 MW turbines, depending on the data they collect from their wind measuring mast on site at COEGA. The total installed power will be thus be between 45 MW and 73.8 MW and the total investment close to R1.2 Billion. 

The electricity generated by the wind farm will be fed into the national grid and distributed by NMBM to households within the area.

A Power Purchase Agreement is being finalized on a willing buyer / willing seller basis. The details of this will be announced shortly.

ELECTRAWINDS also has an Independent Power Purchase agreement in place in Namibia with the Electricity Control Board and are currently concluding a Power Purchase Agreement for a 50 MW windfarm with the country’s utility – Nampower."