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Will Inga III be the antidote to Southern Africa’s power crisis?

The Inga project has for long been a buzz-word in the African electricity industry, and now that construction for the Inga III hydroelectricity dam will launch in 2009, the expectation is that the dam is to provide 4320MW compared to the 1770MW of Inga I and II.

A high-level conference, iPAD Central Africa, will take place from 07-09 October 2008 at the Grand Hotel in Kinshasa, and will focus on the infrastructure needs of the DRC – the Inga project and the energy sector will be given specific focus.

The DRC state-run electricity company, SNEL, is the host utility of this strategic conference for investment and business in infrastructure projects and the energy component of the conference aims to address the issue of SADC countries’ scrambling to secure permanent supplies of electricity amid an acute regional power crisis.  While analysts say this could curtail investment and productivity, it has also opened doors of opportunity to those who are dependant on regular power supply – such as the mining sector – which is itself looking at investment opportunities in power generation.  

According to a previous study carried out by SNEL, the achievement of the first phase of the Inga project was expected to meet the energy needs in southern, northern, and western Africa in the framework of the power highways departing from Inga.

The Inga site is about 225 km from Kinshasa and is the biggest potential source of hydropower in the world – the energy potential of hydropower is estimated at 370 billion kWh yearly.  The DRC plays a pivotal role in the implementation of this bold project, which if successful may pre-empt an economic boom and social stability.  

iPAD Central Africa 2008 conference and exhibition brings together key decision-makers in the regional energy sector, analysts and financiers who will discuss the road ahead and take questions from investors

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