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Widespread outages in Johannesburg were due to sabotage

9 September 2013 – Sabotage was responsible for widespread blackouts that hit Johannesburg in early September 2013, and in some cases lasted for well over a day. City Power, the government owned distributor of electricity in Johannesburg, said it was thought the saboteurs were workers who embarked on an unprotected strike.

One substation appeared to have been tampered with and at another the power equipment appeared to have been manually put down. City Power said a few hundred disgruntled workers had gone on strike because they were unhappy about a new shift structure being implemented. It said the strike was not union-led, and that the unions signed an agreement to the new shifts in May 2013.

According to the latest World Economic Forum global competitiveness index which surveys 148 countries, South Africa was ranked at 147th in terms of its hiring and firing practices and 148th in terms of labour-employer relations.