On Tuesday, Eskom announced Westinghouse’s withdrawal of a court order against them for allegedly not supplying documentation under an initial court order, SA news reported.

 ‘Westinghouse Electric Belgium has again withdrawn an urgent application to the court where it alleged that Eskom was in contempt of a court order granted, by consent of the parties, on the 5th September 2014. This matter will now be moved to the normal court roll to be argued on a date to be allocated by the court’, Eskom said.

 This follows allegations made by Westinghouse last month which suspected Eskom of entering a R4 billion deal with Areva on false pretences, and wanted to have all documentation pertaining to that agreement made transparent.

Areva was to install new steam generators at the Koeberg nuclear power plant in Cape Town, media reported.

 ‘Eskom reiterates that it has provided Westinghouse Electric Belgium, through their attorneys Webber Wentzel, all the relevant documents leading up to and forming the basis of Eskom’s decision to award the tender for the steam generator replacement at the Koeberg nuclear power station’, Eskom said in a statement.

 Timeline of presented documentation according to Eskom:

  • 1 September 2014: Eskom initial affidavit to the court order
  • Additional documents were provided on the 4 & 10 September 2014 and again on the 14 & 15 October 2014.

According to Eskom, they had supplied around 600 documents to Westinghouse’s attorneys, SA news reported.

 ‘In the spirit of cooperation, but without believing that it was in any way forced to do so by a court order, Eskom provided additional documents that did not form part of the court order…

‘When Westinghouse’s attorneys made relentless demands for more confidential and commercially sensitive information, some of which did not even relate to the Eskom decision on 15 August 2014. Eskom resisted this high-handed approach, which it viewed as constituting an abuse of court process’, Eskom said.

 Eskom will continue to defend its reputation with dignity and will fight until their day in court arrives, SA news reported.