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Westinghouse holds Eskom in Contempt of Court

Westinghouse Electric South Africa, supplier of nuclear technology has ordered a contempt of court against state run utility Eskom for refusing to supply information in a court order involving a R4 billion tender, Ventures Africa reported.

On Friday, Ruth Kolevsohn, Westinghouse spokesperson told Sapa:

‘This…follows several unsuccessful attempts by Westinghouse legal representatives to obtain important files relating to the tender selection process and decision making.’

Eskom awarded the R4 billion tender to French company Areva but Westinghouse assured the court that there were many unidentified flaws and requested that the all supporting documentation was to be made available for analysis.

Westinghouse made this statement during their first court application in September.

Ventures Africa reported that the tender was for replacing the steam makers at Cape Town nuclear power plant, Koeberg.

The South Gauteng High Court gave Eskom 5 days to supply documentation to Westinghouse but Westinghouse claims that the utility has not provided them with anything.

Eskom commercial group executive, Matshela Koko, has defended this accusation and in response said that all necessary documents within the court order were supplied within the required time frame, Ventures Africa said.Koeberg_nuclear_power_station

‘We dispute that documentation was not supplied to Westinghouse. We have given them all the relevant information, as per the court order…

Where we stand is that they have been given what was requested in the court order. We will go to court and we are confident that in the end the court will find us in order’, Koko told Sapa.

This situation highlights the importance of transparency, credibility and fairness when entering into a power partnership, especially in a country where corruption surfaces around every corner.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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