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West African Power Pool at WAPIC 2008

The West African Power Pool has come on board as a supporting association of the 5th West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), the premier strategic conference for the region’s power stakeholders.  WAPIC takes place in Abuja, Nigeria from 25-27 November 2008 and is part of the Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development WEST AFRICA series of conference and exhibitions.

WAPP was created to integrate the national power system operations into a unified regional electricity market – with the expectation that such mechanism would, over the medium to long-term, would assure the citizens of ECOWAS Member States a stable and reliable electricity supply at affordable costs. This will create a level playing field facilitating the balanced development of diverse energy resources of ECOWAS Member States for their collective economic benefit, through long-term energy sector cooperation, unimpeded energy transit and increasing cross-border electricity trade.  

The World Bank has aligned with the Nigerian government in its goal to become one of the top twenty economies by 2020. Without a reliable power supply, however, Nigeria’s quest for development would be unrealistic, as the cost of doing business would be quite prohibitive. The government wants to maximise reforms in the power sector through institutions and the Abuja power project is part of its National Energy Development Project to boost power supply.

WAPIC encourages regional cooperation through a unique forum highlighting topics on generation, transmission and distribution as well as the development and reform of the West African power sector.  Traditionally, the event focuses on finance, regional cooperation, alternative and renewable energy sources, integrated energy plans, demand side management, privatisation and government policies, and ways of turning environmental challenges into profitable solutions for the power sector.

The full spectrum of generation, transmission and distribution will be covered within the context of regional challenges and cooperation. This international event provides the ideal platform for the West African region to work towards sustainable development and in turn attract future investment and business opportunities.

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