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Welcome to the Electric FIEE 2013-BRAZIL

The FIEE is an important  exhibition  in Brazil that promote products and services of electrical and electronic sector.

PONOVO will be in this exhibition with the hope that Latin American companies know our products, talk with our engineers and realize that PONOVO is an interesting option for companies in Latin America.

Date: 1 to April 5, 2013
Timetable: from 13 h to 21 h
Local: Pavilhao de Exposicoes do Anhembi, Sao Paulo (Brasil)

Equiments that we show at the fair:

L366i: The world’s lightest relay tester with only 8.8 Kg, making it ideal to be carried in a backpack, giving to the engineers the option of make test in places that are far away.

POM2-6143 Relay tester in whiche its main feature is its design modular, with just only 4 modules, making it ideal for easy maintenance of our local agent. It has 6 power generators 15A and 4 300V voltage generators. The POM2-6143 has a color LCD screen 10.4" which gives the advantage to make locally operation.

PW636i relay tester that has six powerful current sources (three-phase mode: up to 64A / 800VA per channel), making this team can prove high burden electromechanical relays with high power demand. The PW636i is ideal for applications requiring high power.

PCT200Ai is especially designed to test current transformers. It can test current transformers M / P / TP, as well as any voltage transformer. The Tests that this equiment can do are are: accuracy limiting factor (ALF), instrument security factor (FS), remanence factor (Kr), secondary time constant (Ts), Inductance unsaturated saturated inductance , transient dimensioning factor (Ktd) Accurate measurement of the ratio error and phase shift, automatic magnetization Des TC.

The maximum error in the radio test is ± 0.05% and the maximum phase measurement is ± 2min.

For more product information please check this link: http://www.relaytest.com/product.php