Welcome to visit our show ‘MATELEC 2012’ from 23-26 October 2012 in Madrid, Spain, our  technical engineers will make product demonstration and operation to the participants of the exhibition. Our exhibition information:

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Pavilion: 4
  • Booth Number: 4C088
  • Products to be displayed: PCT200i, L336i, POM2-6142, PNS601   

Current Transformer Test Set PCT200i: PCT200i is specially designed for current transformer characteristic test. Compared with PCT200Li, PCT200i owns more test items and higher technical parameters. It can finish the measurement class CT and TYP class CT. The additional functions include ratio and angle differential tests (the measurement points in the GB standard), FS and inductance ect, steady-state parameters and peak error etc transient parameters.

Protection Relay Test Set L336i: The portable protection relay tester L336i is the lightest solution (8.8kg) with 6 currents and 4 voltages. This Laptop size relay test set can test all type of modern multi-function relay and is ideal for relay test engineers who travel a lot.

Protection Relay Test Set POM2-6142: Three phase relay testing system POM2-6142 can test all types of protective relays. This relay test has in-built output monitoring and recording function and also supports testing IEC 61850 IED. Optional accessories include external amplifier, GPS, Circuit Breaker Simulator, Current Booster, etc. The most significant feature of POM2 is the optional internal PC control with 10.4 color LCD display

Intelligent Relay Test PNS601: The handheld digital signal analyzer PNS601 is specially designed for fiber optic signal instruments. This relay test- digital signal analyzer has the functions of multimeter, oscilloscope, harmonic meter and CT polarity analyzer etc. to automatically probe and analyze IEC61850-8-1, IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/LE, and IEC60044-8 format report. For its light weight, and small dimension, it is one of the ideal lest inspection tools in substation.
See you in Madrid, Spain.