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Water system contract for 650 MW Suez power station

Metito won a project worth US$25 million to deliver water and wastewater systems for a new 650 MW thermal power plant in Suez, Egypt. The contract will see Metito design, supply and install water and wastewater treatment systems to produce demineralised water at the quality needed for operating high pressure boilers, condensate polishing units, hypochlorite generation and chemical injection systems.

The scope of the contract also includes providing the client with a wastewater treatment plant and a water/oil separation system to treat the effluent water for discharging within the standard limits predetermined by the local environmental authorities.

“Scheduled to be completed in 2016, the project introduces ultra filtration technology to improve the treated water quality for other sites including; Damitta, Banha, Giza North and Suez and to help in upgrading the efficiency of power supply across the country,” Karim Madwar, Metito Africa managing director, says.

Since 2004, Metito has supplied various water and wastewater treatment packages to Egyptian Electricity holding company for more than 10 power plant projects in Egypt including Nubaria, El Kuraymat, Tebbin and Cairo West Power plants among others.