06 September 2012 – A technology company in the waste-to-energy market, Cynar plc, awarded industrial automation group, Rockwell Automation, an US$11 million contract to design and build a new end-of-life plastic to fuel conversion plant in Bristol in the United Kingdom, for SITA UK, a Cynar customer and partner in the development.

Cynar has developed a technology that converts end-of-life plastics into fuel. “Our technology represents a unique and profitable way to significantly decrease the amount of end-of-life plastics that are disposed in landfills and incinerators,” Michael Murray, CEO and chairman of Cynar, says. “Rockwell Automation strengthens our technology by providing complete design, engineering life cycle maintenance, and local support. We will have a process technology solution that will enable us to rapidly deploy our technology globally.”

“This win is significant for us in the waste-to-energy market,” notes Terry Gebert, vice president and general manager, Rockwell Automation Global Solutions. “It includes the design and build of process skids, automation architecture, software, power control and engineering/start-up services in one fully integrated solution, using the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system.”

Rockwell Automation’s Global Solutions team has worked with Cynar over the past two years to develop the engineering, modularisation and process improvements of Cynar’s waste end-of-life plastic to fuel conversion plant.