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Vestas tops sustainability indexes

Dow Jones

According to Dow Jones, Vestas is leading the industry when it comes to ethics, safety and corporate citizenship. This is an important achievement as it can attract more investors, customers, and employees.

Vestas has been nominated as the global “sector leader” for renewable energy equipment by the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. In fact, Vestas also takes a prominent position on the similar index FTSE Environmental Technology Index Series.

This is good news, as a growing number of investors perceive sustainability as a catalyst for enlightened and disciplined management and thus a crucial factor for success.

“Being ‘sector leader’ on Dow Jones’ Sustainability Index is one of the most prestigious titles a company can get. It will make Vestas even more interesting to the increasing number of customers and investors who care about sustainability. It’s something all in Vestas can be proud of,” says Senior Vice President for Sustainability, People & Culture, Jakob Larsen. “However, with a total score of 68 points out of 100, we need to improve further,” he points out.

To be nominated by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, companies have to be more than just “green”. When it comes to corporate citizenship, safety, and ethics, exemplary behaviour is equally important. This year, Dow Jones had nine companies up for examination. Only two passed, with Vestas taking the top spot as “sector leader” in front of competitor Gamesa.

“Among several initiatives, Vestas has improved its score on “code of conduct” with the deployment of e-learning on corruption and ethics. At the same time, we have become much better at communicating all the great things we do,” explains Sustainability Reporting Specialist, Lilian Harbak from People & Culture.