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Vehicle battery technology


Battery developed to duit stop/start
vehicle technology of the future

A motor vehicle battery now offered by the Battery Centre, the Raylite Ultimate, has been developed to service the low emission stop/start vehicles of the future. Stop/Start vehicle technology conserves energy by shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stopped in traffic, and automatically restarts when the driver pushes the clutch. The batteries used in these vehicles need to be robust and able to withstand high demands, not only of restarting the engine with regularity but also to power lights, electronics and airconditioner while the engine is switched off.

The Raylite Ultimate has three times the cycle life of a conventional battery and is better equipped to cope with the heavy demands of vehicles such as SUVs, boats, caravans and classic cars or any vehicle with a diesel engine.

It uses Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) technology and is the only AGM battery produced in South Africa. The plates inside the battery are larger and more powerful, and the AGM material immobilises the battery acid, making it spill-proof. This means that the battery won’t leak, even if accidentally punctured.

Raylite Ultimate is also optimised for high-starting currents and deep-cycle applications. This makes it suitable for prolonged use as a caravan battery, or the extra high-starting current requirements of a diesel engine. The Raylite Ultimate delivers up to 30% more current than conventional batteries.



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