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Utility expert Doug Houseman conducts Smart Grid seminar in Johannesburg

Doug Houseman, Chairman of the ‘Smart Energy Alliance’ and Principal at Cap Gemini Consulting in the US, will conduct a 2-day seminar on Smart Grid and ‘Creating a smart grid roadmap for smart energy delivery’ in Johannesburg, South Africa next month. The event consists of the seminar as well as an executive forum and will take place from 28-30 July, 2008.

Additional information can be found online at www.metering.com/smartgridsafrica. Register online now: Quote ‘E-news’ and get your delegate pass at a 10% reduced rate!

Doug Houseman has spent over 30 years in the utility and consulting industries. He has worked in all facets of the utility industry, starting as a lineman in the 1970’s and working his way up to manager of a 300,000 customer multi-commodity utility that had water, gas, and electricity in all its forms.

Doug has worked on 6 continents with utilities on a number of issues. An engineer by training, he has a technical as well as a business understanding of how utilities work. He is comfortable in the board room giving advice, talking to regulators and working in the field with the linemen.

His background includes nuclear, coal, gas and wind generation. Doug is the lead investigator for the CEATI “Electric Distribution Roadmap 2025” and is involved in many industry groups include the IEEE PES emerging technology working group, as well as AMI-SEC. Doug has worked with companies like EdF, E.On, Sempra, HydroOne, TXU, FP&L, Energy Australia, Singapore Power, and Exelon.

Please contact Julia Barton-Hill: julia.barton-hill@spintelligent.com for additional conference information or go to www.metering.com/smartgridsafrica to register online now!