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US to spend US$26 million on hydro-power research

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Washington DC, United States — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 13 April 2011 – U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu and U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have announced US$26.6 million in funding for research and development projects to advance hydropower technology, including pumped-storage hydropower.

This funding is focused on development of innovative technologies that can produce power more efficiently, reduce costs and increase sustainable hydropower generation at sites not previously considered practical, renewableenergyworld.com reports.

“By improving hydropower technology, we can maximise America’s biggest source of renewable energy in an environmentally responsible way,” said Secretary Chu. “Deploying advanced hydropower, including using water to store energy, will help meet peak electricity demands and provide additional clean energy sources for America’s future,” he added.

“Supporting advanced, environmentally friendly hydropower will help bring our nation closer to reaching the Administration’s goal of meeting 80% of our energy needs with clean sources by 2035,” said Secretary Salazar. “These funding opportunities will help unlock innovative approaches to hydropower development that emphasise sustainable, clean power generation while reducing environmental impacts.”

Hydropower is a minimal-emission, low-cost source of energy that can be relied upon for long-term, stable production of domestic electricity. The funding announcement seeks environmentally responsible projects that increase the generation of reliable hydropower for the nation’s electricity supply.

The \department of Energy will evaluate applications based on the metrics and guidelines published in the solicitation and will award funding on a competitive basis to a variety of projects, and to technologies at various levels of development. Mandatory letters of intent are due by 5 May 2011, and completed applications by 6 June 2011.