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US renewable power production to double by 2035

A copy of the EIA’s
newly issued ‘Annual
Energy Outlook 2012′
Washington DC, United States — 16 March 2012 – The Energy Information Agency (EIA)’s newly-issued report, “Annual Energy Outlook 2012,” projects U.S. renewable power production more than doubling by 2035, even with the expiration of federal tax credits

“Renewable Energy World” says the report projects robust growth for geothermal, which it expects to triple its production by 2035, outpacing the overall trend.

According to EIA, “Growth in renewable generation is supported by many state requirements, as well as new regulations on CO2 emissions in California.”
The share of U.S. electricity generation coming from renewable fuels (including conventional hydropower) is expected to grow from 10% in 2010 to 16% in 2035.

The EIA 2012 Outlook’s projections show geothermal power growing from 2.6 Gigawatts of capacity to 6.41 Gigawatts, and production increasing from 16.42 billion kilowatt hours to 47.4 billion kilowatt hours.

The geothermal production is all from utility scale systems, with the EIA having no projection for small or distributed generation using geothermal technologies or coproduction. In 2035, geothermal is projected to provide 6% of the total U.S. renewable power produced, making it the third largest non-hydro source of renewable power generation, behind wind and biomass.

Source: “Renewable Energy World”. For further details click here.