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US$194 million for ECG upgrade programme

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will spend up to US$194 million on upgrading existing transmission lines and adding substations, amongst other things, said ECG managing director, Jude Adu-Amankwah.

transmission_linesSome of the funding for this programme is being provided by the Ghana Energy Development Access Programme (GEDAP), a World Bank project, while the balance of US$100 million will come from the government of Ghana.

It is hoped that within the next 12 months, power supply within the major towns can be improved and frequent power outages ended. More than US$990 million is needed to upgrade or replace equipment and guarantee uninterrupted power supply, however, Adu-Amankwah is confident that money will be found.

With growth in demand of between 8 and 10%, serious overloading of the transmission and distribution networks are causing frequent outages.

Adu-Amankwah said too that it was unlikely that tariff increases would be required to fund the upgrade programme.

"We are not yet there because the support from the government and our intensified debt collection programme are helping us and, therefore, we do not need any increases yet,” he said.