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UN Climate Summit support renewable energy

As the UN Climate Summit in New York continues, new initiatives for Africa have been announced that will promote clean and renewable energy.

One of these, The Africa Clean Energy Corridor will be facilitated by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)

The Africa Clean Energy Corridor (ACEC), is a regional initiative which will advance the development of renewable energy projects across the continent and cut annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions level throughout the Eastern Africa and Southern African power pools. The initiative took a major step forward as 32 partners – including the governments of 19 countries, along with regional organisations, development partners and financial institutions – rallied behind the implementation of an Action Agenda endorsed in Abu Dhabi earlier this year.

IRENA believes that cooperation on regional renewable energy deployment could reduce generation costs by 4% and potentially triple electricity supply.

‘Africa’s surging economic growth can be fuelled by an energy mix that emphasises the development of its vast renewable energy resources,” said Mrs. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma, chairperson of the African Union.

‘Low-carbon economic development powered by renewable energy can help meet the challenge that climate change presents, all the while improving the livelihoods and economic well-being of people all over Africa.’

“These … important initiatives can dramatically reduce dependency on fossil fuels for electricity generation in Africa …, reduce carbon emissions and set the stage for low-carbon economic growth,” said IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin.

“Renewable energy should not be seen as a niche for wealthy countries. The rapid deployment of renewable power generation technologies and the corresponding decline in costs increasingly mean that renewables can provide an affordable pathway for developing economies to leapfrog the dominant energy paradigm and move towards a sustainable energy future,” Amin added.