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Uganda sets ambitious 2010 energy target

9 June 2009 – The Ugandan government has plans to double its energy capacity by completing two hydropower dams and exploiting two gas deposits by the end of 2010, Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni said last week.

With elections coming up in 2011, analysts say that the government is using the promise of cheap electricity as part of its election campaigning.

One of the two hydropower dams is the Bujagali project, which will come online in 2009 and will have an installed capacity of 250MW.  The project has an estimated cost of US$530 million.

The Karuma project, which has suffered some setbacks when the contractor pulled out of the deal, will produce 700MW and has an estimated cost of US$1 billion – the government is said to want to self-fund this project.

‘We shall fund (Karuma) by ourselves. If other friends come in, they are welcome, but they must follow our plan,’ Museveni told Parliament.