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Uganda’s Atomic Energy Bill gets support from NRM caucus

Daudi Migereko,
Minister of Energy
8 May 2008 – Uganda’s NRM caucus will support the Atomic Energy Bill being considered by the House, said caucus treasurer, David Bahati this week.

"Atomic energy is used to diagnose diseases, treat cancer, control vectors and perform tests in industries, construction and water resource studies and given the global trend in the interest of nuclear power as a viable source of energy, the caucus agreed to support the Bill in Parliament," he said.
The Bill seeks to establish a legal framework for utilising nuclear power for electricity generation.

Energy minister, Daudi Migereko said at the caucus meeting that Uganda could no longer rely on hydropower to meet Uganda’s electricity needs, as global warming was affecting weather patterns.

"Peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology contribute towards sustainable development," Migereko said.

He commented on the global renewed interest in nuclear power as a viable and sustainable energy source.  He cautioned, however, that "Atomic energy use must be regulated to meet basic international safety standards to protect the public and the environment from dangers arising from improper practices and its use."