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Uganda plans new hydro dam

Uganda’s Karuma
dam “’ first in line
for completion
Kamuli, Uganda — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 28 October 2011 – The government of Uganda is planning to construct a new hydro electricity power-generating dam in the Kamuli district as part of its drive to increase electricity generation and distribution in the country.

Revealing this here, Rebecca Kadaga “’ speaker in parliament and Kamuli member of parliament “’ said the dam would be constructed at Isimba falls, located in Isimba village along the River Nile

Kadaga, who was responding to concerns of area residents over inadequate power distribution and supply, explained, however, that the government would first have to complete construction of the Karuma dam.

“Government’s priority is to finish the construction of Karuma dam. Once this and the Bujagali dam in Jinja district become operational, then government will start the construction of the Isimba dam,” he said, adding that this would help reduce the high power tariffs in Uganda.