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Uganda pilots solar water heaters

17 April 2008 – The government of Uganda has launched a two year pilot project to encourage the use of solar water heaters, ministry officials said this week.

Solar_waterThe project, which costs approximately Euro 90 000, will save peak electricity demand, by switching water heating to solar systems, says Benon Bena, principal energy officer at the ministry of energy.

"In the two years, we plan to install 500 solar water heaters in Kampala and Entebbe and within a period of six years, the plan is to install 65,000 solar water heaters," he said at the launch of the project.

He emphasised the overall savings of solar home systems, saying "So people should not get scared of the upfront payment. This is possible because 40% to 60% of electricity in most households, schools, hotels goes towards water heating but this will greatly reduce."

"The Government is doing all this because we are facing challenges in the power sector to meet the growing demand for electricity needed in all sectors of the economy."