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Two-pole phase comparators

DEHN pole

DEHN’s two-pole PHV phase comparators offer safe and reliable operation while testing for in-phase conditions in three-phase electrical systems with rated voltages up to 36 kV/50 Hz. The phase comparators have SABS approval and meet the requirements of international IEC standards.

Distinctive red rings on both test prods mark the end of the insulating sections in the direction of the operating head/indicator. This provides the user with a visible limit of contact with live and earthed system parts, as well as the depth of penetration allowed into electrical systems. Type PHV are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor systems, but not in wet conditions.

The eccentric mounting of the indication ensures good visibility from various angles, and provides for an out-of-phase condition when the phase angle between the two parts of the system to be tested is between 60° and 300°. A clear and sharp threshold is provided and the indication remains at a constant frequency over the testing range.

Used in contact with the parts to be tested, the PHV phase comparator is insensitive to magnetic and electrical interference. False indications are completely eliminated.

Various colour coded test prods are available and are selected for the desired voltage, and their simple bayonet connection ensures easy coupling to the basic test unit. The compact range of test prods is ideal for use in areas where space is limited, while standard test prods are suited for areas where larger span and separation is required. Test prods with a 90° degree angle are available for testing in switchgear where the axis of the bushing is mounted in a vertical plane.

DEHN is represented locally by Surgetek.