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Two new hydropower dams for Ethiopia?

Studies for two new hydropower dams, located at Mendeya town and on the Ethiopian-Sudanese border, have been completed, according to the Ethiopian ministry of water resources.

Michael Abebe, who heads the dams and hydropower department at the ministry, reported that the studies cost $3 million, with funding for the studies provided by the African Development Bank.

The Mendeya project is located at the Abay and Dedessa river junction. It will consist of a 200 meter heigh dam, with a generation capacity of 2 000 MW. In addition to an estimated $450 million income potential, the dam would help prevent floods in the Mendeya area.

The Ethiopian-Sudanse border project would have a capapcity of 1 200 MW.

Both projects were selected with consideration to generation capacity, environmental and social impacts on the area.

It is estimated that Ethiopia has some 30 000 MW of exploitable potential, although currently only 2 percent of that is being used.