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Transmission line to be operational by April

Reuters have reported that a $455 million transmission line between Kenya and Zamiba will be ready next year.  This line is one of several which will end up linking Kenya and Ethiopia and between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Part of what is known as the ‘backbone interconnector’, “the … project will link with Kenya’s northern power grid and Zambia’s south-western power grid and transform Tanzania into a regional hub for the east and southern Africa power pool,” the Tanzanian ministry of power said in a statement.

The HV line, which extends 667 kms, has been funded by the European Investment Bank, World Bank, African Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency and Korean Economic Development Cooperation Fund.

Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia signed a deal in Dar es Salaam on September 30 to link the three countries. Tanzania’s Energy Ministry said last year it was in talks with Kenya to export 1 000 MW of electricity to east Africa’s biggest economy.