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Third party channel for low voltage products

Elquip Solutions, a specialist industry supplier of electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment, has been appointed as an ABB third party channel.

“We appointed Elquip Solutions to help grow the low voltage products business in South Africa because of its track record and local expertise in the market,” Medhat Fayek, senior vice president ABB South Africa, says.

Elquip Solutions will be a localised ABB marketing and sales vehicle, thus making ABB products and solutions more accessible to a wider portion of the market. Elquip has already introduced a number of new products and innovations to the local market from its range from leading overseas principals which it represents locally.

“We will achieve this knowledge transfer through adherence to a robust e-learning programme facilitated by ABB, thus allowing us to educate our employees on ABB itself, its brand, its products and the solutions that will allow us to tailor-make problem-solving turnkey offerings based on specific customer requirements,” Mike Cronin, managing director of Elquip Solutions, says.

Equip Solutions will focus on the entire range of ABB low voltage products including low voltage drives and low voltage motors. “ABB also produces many energy-efficient solutions such as the HVAC drives aimed at air-conditioning systems in factories, office buildings and other developments and Elquip will in future be involved in these technology solutions,” Cronin concludes.

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