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Thin filmed solar (PV) taken to new heights

Speaking at the World Future Energy Summit (WEFS) in Abu Dhabi, Dr Ahmad Belhoul, CEO of renewable energy company Masdar highlighted the necessity to adopt renewable technologies, to contribute towards the global initiative of achieving energy sustainability.

‘Like any technology, clean energy has optimized its performance and reduced its cost over time, and in various parts of the world, renewable energy is out-competing traditional power’.

‘With surging populations, coupled with finite resources, we must pursue all forms of energy, conventional, unconventional and alternative. This requires that we re-think the relationship between traditional and new forms of power, and that energy must not only coexist, but work in harmony’, Dr Belhoul said.

The World Future Energy Summit was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on 18-21 January, a platform were international energy experts gathered to discuss the future for the renewable energy sector across the Middle East and North Africa.

On Monday, the WEFS announced that solar vendor First Solar had successfully installed 10GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) globally, a statement said.

Producing an estimated 14 000GWh annually, it is said that the generated power is enough to reduce the need to develop 20 medium sized coal-fired power plants and electrify 5 million households.

‘Solar has evolved into a valued component of the global generation portfolio, able to hold its own in terms of cost competitiveness and energy yield’, said James Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, First Solar.

Thin filmed PV modules are said to be the ‘least carbon contributing’ solar technology. The installed capacity of 10GW shows a significant decrease in carbon dioxide emissions of 7 million metric tons and water savings of 18 billion litres annually.

(Pic Credits: Energy Informative)


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