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The PM closed-loop test with IEC61850 protocol

The substation automation technology is developing quickly and the digital substation is also emerging in China. IEC61850 protocol is destined to be the main communications protocol and the measurement equipments applying IEC61850 become popular. Now PM software supports the calibration with IEC61850. For example, Nari relay RCS-9700, Beijing Sifang CSC-200 and XJ FCK-851, etc.

The paper is going to illustrate how the PM software tests equipments with IEC61850.

1. Install “osillc.inf” protocol. Right click “Network places” and select “Property”. Then right click “Local connection” to pop up the “local connection property”. Press “Install”. The “network component type” menu pops up and selects “Protocol”.  Press “Add” button. In the “Network protocol” menu, press “Install from Disc” and selection “View” in the disc installation. Users find “osillc.inf” file in the installation content of PM and install. After installation, restart the computer.

2. Install “OMICRON IEDScout” software. By this software, users can read the model data of the measurement equipments. After installation, double click to run the software showing in figure 1.  Find “Configure” label and click it. The “Configure” menu pops up showing in figure 2. Click “New” label to set a “Servers”. The “Create new server definition” dialog pops up and inserts “Servers” in the “Name of new server”. For example “1”, users inserts IP in “IP Address”, select “Use defeats values” and press “OK” showing in figure 3. A new “Servers” is set. This is the first step to read equipment’s model.

Ponovo fig1

Figure 1
Ponovo fig2

Figure 2
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Figure 3

3. Read equipments’ model files. In previous step, click “OK” to return to “Configuration” dialog interface, press “Apply” and “OK” to return to the software interface. Press “Discover” label and select “servers” in the “Server Name” OF “Connect to…” dialog showing in figure 4. Then click “Connect”. If the communications is normal, there is data transmitting showing in figure 5. By this, the model files can be read to the software. If there is no data download, please check the network connection and parameter settings. Notes: The IP address must be in the same network with the IP address of measurement equipments.

Ponovo fig4

Figure 4
Ponovo fig5

Figure 5

4. Find the description information of remote measurement. Find “Datasets” in the model files and find the “.dsAin” file in “Datasets” showing in figure 6. Double click it.  There are current, voltage, power, frequency and power factor information showing in figure 7.

Ponovo fig6

Figure 6
Ponovo fig7

Figure 7

5. Establish a new project file. In “Project”, set a new file and select the manufacturer to test in “Project”. Here we take Sifang as an example. Open “PowerAdvance\PM\Project\Sifang”, and select “High voltage equipment 4U3I (IEC61850)”.

6. Establish new point table file. Run PM software and select “4U3I (IEC61850)”. By the way of establishing point table, run “NetEasy Admin” software and set a new point table in the protocol of “IEC61850”. The point name is the data in model file in the step “4”. Generally users fill it from “MMX” to the last item. For example, “MMXU11$mx$TotW$mag$f”. there is no case-sensitive showing in figure 8. When there is current or voltage ratio, users can select it and insert related ration in the coefficient.

7. Closed-loop test operation. After establish point table, users save it. Then run the PM software, select “Equipment model” and select the newly set project. In the equipment configuration, the equipment IP address is the IP address of measurement equipment. The dataset name is “IIn0.dsain”. No case-sensitive. The ratio is based on the actual situation. If there is no ratio, set “1” showing in figure 9.

After the above configuration, users can make test with the PM software and make closed-loop test.