PONOVO is proud to release the modular structure local control relay tester POM2 series – a new amazing professional solution for protection relay testing. The embedded PC design makes the communication between PC and relay tester more stable.

Ponovo POM2 series

Some basic date of POM2 series (POM2-6061,POM2 -6143, POM2-6142, POM2-3243 and POM2-3242)are shown below:

  • Evolutional structure design with 4 modules
  • Easy for local control and maintenance
  • Support IEC61850
  • Capable of testing all type relays

With the smart modular structure, Pom 2 series are easier to do assembling work and maintenance. Local control system with 10.4 inch color LCD display is quite convenient for users to test any kind of relays.


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