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The high-end intelligent relay testing system launched in PONOVO

PONOVO launches the newest high-end intelligent relay testing system –PNF800 series and portable digital testing equipment—PNS600 series using the Xilinx Virtex®-6 and Spartan®-6 FPGA.

The success of the PNF800 not only advances the technical level in this field, but alto leads the development trend. It is PONOVO that not only promotes the “intelligent test” first, but also realizes it. It leads the fiber optic testing era into the intelligent era.

The PNF800 series is a high-performed smart relay tester used in the field to monitor the safety and reliability of next-generation smart grid systems through testing of fiber digital relays for proper operation before being put into operation and throughout their life cycle. There are 8 fiber optic Ethernet channel, 4 real-time fiber optic power measurement interfaces and 12 analog output channels to realize its intelligent solution. Besides, the embedded tri-mode MAC solution enables PNF800 synchronize the modules of IEC61588 and IRIG-B. The PNF800 series firstly makes the IEEE1588, optic power test module and single unit automatic closed-loop tests. By PNF800, the customers only need import the configuration files according to PONOVO’s PowerTest software to finish various complex tests.