The handheld digital signal analyzer NS601 is specially designed for fiber optic signal instruments. This relay test- digital signal analyzer has the functions of multimeter, oscilloscope, harmonic meter and CT polarity analyzer etc. to automatically probe and analyze IEC61850-8-1, IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/LE, and IEC60044-8 format report. For its light weight, and small dimension, it is one of the ideal lest inspection tools in substation.

Ponovo NS601


  • Message probe
  • Sampling Analysis:
    • Display sampling message parameters
    • Analyze message status information in real-time
    • Receive signals from two MU simultaneously
    • Oscilloscope function
    • Polarity calibration
  • GOOSE Analysis:
    • Automatically probe GOOSE information
    • Analyze GOOSE message parameters
    • Display GOOSE data real-time
    • Display GOOSE message change information

Main Specifications:

Ponovo NS601 specs