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Technical Skills Africa: Industry-wide call for papers

ESI Africa is hosting the Technical Skills Africa conference in Johannesburg from 8 – 10 December 2008 and invites you to present your ideas and experiences.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: Friday, 29 August 2008

If you have ideas, experiences or strategies for developing technical skills in Africa, then this is your chance to tell the world!

The African continent has averaged 5 percent economic growth over the past five years, and although the future outlook is "bright", skills shortages are one of the main challenges facing the continent. The demand for technical skills is increasingly exeeding supply and Africa faces the ongoing challenge of growing and training its workforce to be globally competitive.

The Technical Skills Africa programme is developed to provide a forum which identifies, discusses and forecasts developments in the industry. Top-level speakers from all key industry segments will present their views using case studies, in-depth sessions and interactive panels.

In the Following Industry Sectors:

  • Mining
  • Power and energy
  • Training & education (colleges, universities, private colleges, schools)
  • ICT
  • Training institutions in the public sector

We invite all those interested in:

  • presenting a paper
  • teaching a course
  • participating in a think-tank/panel discussion
  • becoming a participating association or media partner
  • sponsoring

to submit your proposals now.

Diarise the dates, allocate the budget and make certain that you are in Johannesburg, South Africa early in December 2008!

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact Nico Loretz at phone: +27 21 700 3555 (international), or via e-mail:

Paper topics: The following is a list of suggested topics for your papers. This is just to get you thinking. You are welcome to come up with a topic that has not been listed.

  • Challenges facing African countries in promoting technical skills development
  • Developing a model to follow through after you’ve identified skills shortages
  • Identifying leaders who will drive the skills development process and add value to business / Creating a framework for proper mentorship programmes
  • Training initiatives for the development of metallurgists and engineers
  • Skills development programmes for the integration of women in the mining industry
  • Evaluating skills development interventions that impact on health and safety in the mining industry
  • Learnerships programmes for IT business leadership in Africa
  • Promoting skills retention through skills development – Building a sustainable ICT workforce
  • The impact of high workforce mobility and the competition for talent – current and future trends
  • Providing training through learning centres vs. external providers
  • Turning unemployed talent into a skilled workforce
  • Generating funds for technical skills development programmes
  • Addressing the high skill shortages through technical skills training grants
  • Building engineering capacity key to Africa’s development
  • Developing essential technical skills for infrastructure development in local governments
  • African power pool development: accelerating the technical skills factor
  • Providing access to high quality IT and professional development skills via e-learning
  • ICT skills development efforts in Africa
  • Ensuring that your company performs in terms of skills development – achieving desired outputs from inputs and processes
  • Linking Performance Management to the performance processes
  • Evaluating the impact of learning: Linking training to business needs and measuring the results

Sponsoring opportunities:  A sponsorship of Technical Skills Africa is an ideal way to position your company as a market leader at this premier event. By sponsoring you will showcase your brand optimally and generate great brand awareness.

Contact Glanville Valentine for additional information:

Participating association / media partner opportunities: A number of leading international and national media and associations will be supporting the event.  For those wishing to be involved in the event please contact Roshenda Barendilla: roshenda.barendilla@spintelligent.com.
Phone: +27 21 700 3500 (international)
Fax: +27 21 700 3501 (international)