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Tanzania rations power as turbine, transformer break

9 October 2009 – Tanzania is suffering a deficit of 60MW of grid electricity due to a broken generator and damaged high voltage transformer, Tanesco has confirmed.

"TANESCO regrets to announce that a large transformer at its natural gas-powered plant in Ubungo (Dar es Salaam) has broken down, causing a 40 MW power shortfall at the plant," it said in a statement earlier this week.  The statement then went on to say that an additional 20MW generator belonging to Aggrekko had also broken down, resulting in a total shortfall of 60MW.

"Due to these two reasons, there has been a 60 MW power shortfall in the grid, forcing us to ration power," the statement read.

Tanesco currently has an installed capacity of 1 212 MW, of which 562 MW is from hydro dams.  Annual demand is forecast to rise by more than 1 100MW by 2010.