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Tanzania explores coal as demand soars

It has been reported that Tanzania’s power demand could increase by between 11% and 13% over the next 10 years.  According to the East African Business Week, this is largely due to growing urbanisation and improving standards of living.

It has been estimated that Tanzania could need up to 3 800MW installed capacity by 20205, up from the current 925MW.

With much of the country’s power being generated by hydro power, Tanesco is under pressure to keep up generation due to increasing drought in the region.  Currently, capacity is down by some 25 – 45%.

In 2010, Tanzania had an installed electricity generation capacity of 887 MW, only 660 MW of which was available to the Grid. In the same year, electricity demand exceeded available capacity by 33.2%.

The Minister for Mineral Resources, Prof Sospeter Muhongo has said that coal-based power generation is an option being explored by the country, as it is scaleable and flexible enough to plug any gaps in generating capacity.

“Coal fired power stations have a relatively low capital cost, construction time is relatively short and, at the end of operations, have low remediation costs,” he said.

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