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T1000 & T500 & PR500 launch

In order to cater to the domestic and overseas market, PONOVO launched a new T1000 multi-function tester and T500 tester based on the previous T serial testers and the power electricity automation equipment CT circuit special kit PR500 thermal tester.

General introduction
T1000&T500&PR500 testers apply the high performance processor to control the high power voltage/current transformer output. By multi-function keyboard and rotary encoder, it realizes human-machine integration.

T1000 high power AC current maximally output 1000A and power 7000VA. T500 high power AC current maximally output 500A and power 40000VA. While doing the primary test, the maximal high power current output 120s at length.

PR500 thermal tester’s high power current output has 10-100A and 50-500A. The highest output power is about 4000VA at 100A and the 500A can output power more than 10kVA. PR500 meets IEC60255-27 standard’s 100 times of rated current, complete 1ACT and 5 ACT thermal stability tests, and automatically measure/ record the impedance change of the test circuit. After test, it generates time-impedance characteristic curve. The data can  be transmitted by USB interface and PC.

Ponovo T1

Hardware configuration
The detailed configurations are showing the table:

Ponovo T2

Test functions
T1000&T500&PR500 functions are showing in the table:

Ponovo T3

Due to the hardware configuration and technical parameter difference, different model has different parameter setting and output status. While making test, users should adjust according to actual situation. The test menu of T1000 is showing in the figure:

Ponovo T4

T1000&T500&PR500 comprehensive testers are wide output range, high power and light weight specially applied in the power plant, power supply company and power project company, etc.