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Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
FA1 – FRAnalyzer

The FRAnalyzer detects defects in power transformer windings and faults in the magnetic core. After the transport of transformers to site and following through faults with high currents the frequency response test should be made to ensure that the windings were not damaged.

Unique features of FRAnalyzer:

  • High reliability of results due to the applied measurement method and innovative connection technique 
  • Extremely small size through the use of leading edge technology
  • Ease of use because of creative software
  • Portability resulting from battery operation

For high frequencies the equivalent circuit diagram of a transformer winding can be drawn as a complex network of resistors, inductors and capacitors. The frequency response of this network is unique. It is like a fingerprint. Winding deformation causes one or more of the capacitors in this network to be changed. To identify these changes, which can be quite small, the new fingerprint is compared to that taken in a healthy condition.

Deviations are an indicator of:

  • Coil deformation – axial & radial 
  • Faulty core grounds 
  • Partial winding collapse 
  • Hoop buckling 
  • Broken or loosened clamps 
  • Shorted turns & open windings
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