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Sunon Asogli ready for second phase of Ghana power project

3 May 2012 – The Daily Guide of Ghana reports that the Chinese Shenzhen energy group, which is a major shareholder of Sunon Asogli Power Ghana, says that all is set for a second phase power project to begin a cost of US$360 million. This would increase the capacity of the Asogli power plant, located at Kpone near Tema, from 200 MW to 560 MW. At the moment the company supplies about 15% of Ghana’s generation capacity.

Li Xiao Hai Shaw, board chairman of Sunon Asogli Ghana, says that feasibility studies for the second phase project are progressing steadily. He says the commencement of the second phase can follow shortly because the country’s production of natural gas will guarantee a steady and dependable supply for this project.
Sunon Asogli is a private Chinese-Ghana joint venture and the success of the project would inspire other Chinese enterprises to invest in the west African sub-region. The management of the company has indicated that it is waiting to be given the go-ahead by the government to commence work on this second phase of its expansion programme. Part of the second phase output would be exported to Nigeria from which the company is obtaining gas to operate. A third phase would raise the group’s total power generation to 1,000 MW.
The power producer is jointly owned by Shenzhen Energy Corporation and China-African Development Fund (CADFUND). Shenzhen Energy has a 60% share and CADFUND 40%.