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State of Emergency closer to being announced

11 June 2008 – Nigeria’s President Yar’Adua will unveil a comprehensive framework for the ‘state of emergency’ in the power sector on 19th June at a special National Economic Council meeting.


Nigeria’s President Yar’Adua

At the meeting, minister of state for energy, Hajia Fatima Ibrahim will present the framework, with financing details being presented by finance minister, Dr Shamsuddeen Usman.

Usman commented recently that the Federal Government has ‘misused’ opportunities to solve the problems in Nigeria’s power sector owing to a lack of ‘comprehensiveness and planning capacity’ and stressed that solving the power crisis remained a priority for the present administration.

"We are in a very unenviable situation. We had a lot of opportunities in the past to have solved the energy crisis in the country but we didn’t. This administration has initiated the energy sector reforms to redress the power problems in the country," he said.

"Many reforms have been unable to produce the right kind of results. This is because of the lack of comprehensiveness of the reforms and the lack of strong planning capacity. This is the cause of the energy crisis.

"All we have to say to Nigerians is to be a little bit more patient. People want us to rush into this power sector reforms. You have seen the effect of rushing in the past. We rushed, we pumped money. What I say to people is that, if money were the solution to this problem, Nigeria would have solved the problem a long time ago.

He further assured Nigerian’s that the government was pursuing a comprehensive programme to explore diversification of energy sources.