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Special Report

As the economy develops, the solutions for UHV backbone grid and weak distribution network problems are imperative. Developing UHV distribution technology is the strong shield of the intelligent grid and important measures for ensuring grid safety. PONOVO plays actively the role of UHV distribution business, and contributes to improving grid source allocation and safe operation.

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PONOVO test set in Debao DC valve hall

PONOVO makes effort on UHVDC projects
One of the birthplace of Bashu culture—Deyang is famous for its heavy equipments. It is the start of ±500kV Deyang~Baoji DC distribution network (De~Bao DC), also the first battlefield for PONOVO UHV equipments putting in use in China grid.

20th October and 24th December, 2009, a year after Wenchuan Earthquake, the projects of De~Bao DC and Xiang~Shang (Xiangjiaba~Shanghai) DC are successfully completed respectively. This project not only distributes power electricity, but also proves endless fight spirit of Sichuan people. PONOVO staff is proud to join the UHVDC construction.

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±800kV Xiang~Shang substation aerial view

Hold task on UHV construction
According to the problems of electricity load distribution unbalance, in order to release transportation and environmental protection, it requires to construct UHV grid to realize source optimal allocation. “Developing 1000kV UHVAC and ±800kV DC distribution equipment” has been listed in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of Economic and Social Development.

Sichuan province is rich in hydropower resource. The developable hydropower is about 120 billion kV. In 2008, Sichuan government starts to construct 3 billion kV, ±500kV De-Bao distribution project and 6.4 billion kW, ±800kV Xiang~Shang DC distribution project to remark the beginning of Sichuan DC distribution project. After the project is completed, it can meet the Sichuan hydropower seasonal electricity distribution and return the northwest thermal power to solve electricity shortfall in Sichuan to realize the source allocations.

In early 2006, as the biggest power electricity manufacturer in primary and secondary test equipments in China, PONOVO began to extend its R&D in UHV system and make a sum of preparation work.

In 2008, Sichuan State Grid company set a project for the adjustment problem in Deyang substation. PONOVO won the bid and shouldered the “Project UHV substation adjustment technology research”. Based on the project, PONOVO designed its own UHV test equipments and applied in De-Bao DC, Xiang~Shang DC projects. These UHV equipments improve our electricity level.

On 6th March, 2010, “Project UHV substation adjustment technology research” was successfully passed the check held by Sichuan Province Science and Technology Agency. After watching the demo of PDC4000A DC test, PF3000 filter characteristic tester and PSD200 reclosing tester, the present experts were satisfied with the test results. Although the kits were newly launched, the technology was higher with big market expectation. In innovation and executive, PONOVO was not less than similar enterprises. For this point, PONOVO has become the leader in the industry. 

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“UHV substation adjustment technology research” Meeting site

A variety of products serves the De-Bao DC project
In the project from DC substation valve test to distribution line fault exclusive, from primary test set to secondary test/ inspection set, the PONOVO products played an important role.

For more than one year, PONOVO engineers used PDC4000A to test the DC current transformer and relay system in UHV, PF3000 filter characteristic tester to test resistance frequency and phase impedance characteristic, PH serial traveling wave fault location calibrator to test the distribution line travelling wave, PSD200 reclosing tester to test reclosing equipment characteristics and DC control relay tester to test DC distribution control relay system. A variety of products meet the test requirements of UHV power system.

Specially, PONOVO PDC4000A was not only high accuracy, but light and portable for site test. Other brand testers were heavy and large.  

The PF3000 filter characteristic tester was used in 500kV Deyang substation. The test results proved its high accuracy. The test time was at about 1 second per point. It need 5 minutes for 300 points test. Compared with traditional test, the test efficiency was improved about 10 times. “the function of PF3000 tester H type current imbalance of the capacitance bridge meets the project requirements. It is the advanced power filter tester in China. Its test results surpass its expectations”. Praised by the experts from Sichuan EPRI.

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Manager Xiang at site  

Faced with the power system emerging market field, PONOVO was completing its product line and extending its application field, also leading the power market direction to launch new products. “Responsibility nurtures the hero style. Chinese power industry gives PONOVO a wide platform. For ten years, PONOVO grasps the opportunity to seek development and shapes a good example in the industry. With this belief, PONOVO wins today’s results.” Said by General Manager Chen Wei.

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Construction site at night

Teamwork brewing fruit
There were less projects of UHVDC distribution in international for our learning. In order to grasp the UHVDC distribution technology, PONOVO spent about 2 billion for the research and project promotion and 80 engineers for the site test and fault exclusive.

From early 2008, PONOVO started to research the 500kV substation UHVDC in Gaoling, Zhengping and Xinhua, etc. The engineers cooperated with experts from Sichuan EPRI and concluded a solution including tester specification. According to the suggestions, PONOVO R&D launched a sample tester in short period which was successfully applied in De-Bao substation.

In order to ensure the project completed on time, the staff usually worked from the midnight. Working all night was routine at that time, At site, PONOVO staff co-worked with the owner party–Sichuan Power Electric Company, construction party—Hubei Electricity company, relay equipments party-Nari relay and CT supplier-ABB company and ensured the project completion on time.

The collective wisdom and strength were huge. Cooperating with these parties, PONOVO got fruitful results:

  • PDC4000A integrates with heavy current output, measurement and control functions applying high-frequency switch technology to realize 0~4000A continuous adjustable DC heavy current output with accuracy about 0.1%.
  • PF3000 filter characteristic tester integrated with power electricity filter characteristic test, H type bridge capacitance unbalance vector measurement and filter R, L, C parameter measurement as one with easy operation and anti-interference ability.
  • PSD200 reclosing tester realized the auxiliary learn and performance test of reclosing equipment controller and filled the domestic gap.

All these self-innovated technology results arrived at international advanced level and gained applications in UHVDC project in China. It realized the AC/DC manufacture upgrade and improved the innovation level.

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PONOVO staff at site

De-Bao DC and Xiang~Shang project was a chance to inspect PONOVO technology ability, artificial level, manufacturing ability and management level. PONOVO successfully completed this acceptance and wrote a wonderful page in the development process. If it was an opportunity for PONOVO to put into the project construction of UHVDC, it is a necessity to design an advanced UHV test set due to the teamwork spirit, innovation quality of PONOVO staff.