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South Sudan US$26 million grant for electricity distribution networks

Only 1% of the South Sudan’s population has access to grid electricity and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved a grant of US$26 million to rehabilitate and expand the distribution networks in Juba.

This power distribution system rehabilitation and expansion project aims to provide reliable electricity supply from existing and future generation facilities and thus satisfy the suppressed load and demand growth in Juba. The upgraded and reinforced electricity supply will contribute to improve the quality of service provided by the national utility; the quality of life of residents; and promote businesses, hence contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction in South Sudan.

The project consists of the construction of 145 kilometres of low-voltage 33 kV lines; 370 km of medium-voltage lines; the purchase and installation of 195 transformer stations; and 20,000 prepaid meters for connecting 20,000 new customers.

Given that this intervention is the first donor-funded project undertaken by the power utility, South Sudan Electricity Corporation (SSEC), the project includes a capacity-building component to ensure knowledge transfer in the areas of procurement as well as financial and project management. With the deployment of the upgraded distribution network, the project will also be the opportunity for technical staff of the utility to get trained in the use of similar technologies, which are likely to be used for other projects in the near future.

This project in Juba is in line with the South Sudan development plan and the South Sudan infrastructure action plan, both identifying infrastructure as a core priority for South Sudan.


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