In 2013 the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) approved for state incentives, the Kestrel e400nb. It means South Africa’s only small wind turbine manufacturer, Kestrel, has the only turbine verified by design to be a class one small-wind turbine and to pass the testing.

Approved by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC), US homeowners and businesses benefit from feed-in tariff schemes to incentivise renewable energy installations. The small wind turbine from Kestrel can produce 3,930 kWh annually, and is ideal for the US due to its size and affordability. Teamed with its durability it can withstand high wind speeds of 250 km/h (156 mph) and has proved itself already in the US with a number of successful installations.

Based in the automotive hub of South Africa, Kestrel meets rigorous quality controls and safety standards recognised worldwide and was the Eastern Cape Exporters Club SME exporter of the year.

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