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South Africa’s 5 year Medium-Term Strategic Framework approved

The 2014-2019 Medium-Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) received Cabinet’s go-ahead at its fortnightly meeting yesterday.

“The MTSF  contains detailed five-year implementation plans for the National Development Plan (NDP), with targets, indicators, roles and responsibilities and timeframes for the implementation of key actions to enable systematic and evidence-based monitoring of the implementation”, according to the South African Government News Agency.

The NDP is a plan for the country to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality for all South African citizens by 2030.

The MTSF “builds on government’s experience and learning during the 2009-2014 administration, when outcomes-based planning, monitoring and evaluation were introduced for the first time.”

With regard to the 2009-2014 administration, Communications Minister, Faith Muthambi said, “During that period delivery agreements were developed, monitored and evaluated for the 12 priority outcomes of government which included basic education, a long life for all South Africans, safety and security, inclusive growth and decent employment and rural development and land reform.”

The MTSF comprises 14 outcomes which cover the all the chapters of the National Development plan, including social protection, social cohesion and nation building.

The Minister of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Jeff Radebe will soon hold a briefing , expounding  upon the MTSF, which was designed to  enable “systematic and evidence-based monitoring of the implementation of the NDP.”