Water irrigation: Pic credit: youtube
Water irrigation: Pic credit: youtube
The Spark Foundation South Africa, will soon receive a 7kW solar PV system and a solar irrigated system to ensure they are not affected by the countries frequent power outages. Pic credit: sacarrental

In South Africa, an orphanage and a macadamia nut farm located in eManzana, Mpumalanga, are to soon to be the recipients of a 7kW solar photovoltaic (PV) energy and solar irrigation system.

The two clean power systems will be installed and supplied by US-based renewable energy solutions company, GenPro Energy.

The two facilities form part of the Spark Foundation South Africa, an initiative founded in 2010 by Native Americans Mitch and Charlotte Hildebrant.

South Africa: building communities

The objective of this foundation is to encourage and develop skills within the local workforce as well as providing food sustainability, the renewable solutions company said in a statement.

Former President of Bethesda Christian Broadcasting and an organiser of Hills Alive, Mitch Hildebrant explained: “The [South Africa] government has many problems with their power grid and has now implemented rolling and mandatory power outages for two to three hours each day.

“The [solar PV] system allows our dreams of operating a 1,600 macadamia tree farm and 5 acre vegetable garden in a sustainable fashion.

He added: “The farm is also used for long term missionary housing, short term volunteer housing, labourers, skills training and the financial output needed to feed 1,800 children in the region each day.”

Bringing innovation to those in need

Dwight Patterson, CEO, GenPro said: “After the earthquake in Haiti we saw a dire need for a water purification system that could be easily transported in disaster relief areas.

“We designed a system that could be carried by two people and that could purify 720 gallons of drinking water per day. Now these systems are used after natural disasters around the world.”

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