14 January 2013 – Eskom is able to schedule planned maintenance outages ranging between about 5,000 MW and 8,000 MW daily during South Africa’s traditionally lower demand summer season of 2013. Even though the December/January festive season period, a time during which many businesses were shut, has ended, demand has thus far remained at about or below 30,000 MW.

Demand increased to about 30,000 MW on some days in early January 2013 up from between about 25,000 MW and 27,000 MW during the height of the holiday season.

Eskom did report on that on the afternoon of the 10th of January imported supply of 1,300 MW from Cahora Bassa was lost due to a fault on the transmission line from Mozambique.
Eskom stabilised the frequency of the power system with the help of agreements it has in place with industrial customers.