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South Africa faces load shedding for the next 5 years

10 December 2007 – South Africa could be in line for more power cuts over the festive season, as Eskom has warned that "load shedding will take place at very short notice… if demand for electricity increases".


Black outs could
become a way of life
in South Africa

Problems plaguing the utility include problems at power stations, adverse weather, problems on the distribution networks and voltage instability on the transmission networks.

According to Sipho Neke, Eskom’s spokesperson, load shedding will be done on a rotational basis of two hours per area. Eskom will also take into consideration areas which are home to critical services such as hospitals, or which are economic hubs.

Load shedding will be part of South African life for the next five years, Eskom has warned.

"We acknowledge that power outages have a major impact on both households and businesses in terms of inconvenience and loss of revenue," said department of public enterprises spokeswoman, Vimla Maistry.

When questioned to the effect this would have on the 2010 World Cup, Maistry said there would be little or no effect, as a number of capacity boosting projects would be completed by then, and there would be sufficient capacity to supply electricity to the host cities.