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Some 350,000 people in Indonesia could benefit from 100 MW of small hydro

Royal HaskoningDHV and TIRASA intend to collaborate in developing 100 MW of small scale hydropower plants in Indonesia in the next five years commencing with feasibility studies and reviews within targeted areas of the region. An estimated 350,000 people could benefit from connected to the grid because of these hydropower plants.

Indonesia’s electricity generation capacities are outdated and insufficient, operating at an average capacity factor of 66%. In addition the country experiences daily blackouts lasting on average four hours a day and more than 86 million Indonesians still lack even the basic access to electricity. The World Bank identifies that the provision of reliable electricity in Indonesia as a pressing issue. In a 2011 report it ranked Indonesia as being 161st amongst 183 countries surveyed as to the ease of getting reliable electricity supply for business.

“This is something which is much needed in Indonesia which is likely to deliver electricity to some 80,000 homes,” Suryana Padma, president director TIRASA, says.