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Solar PV test equipment

8 October 2013 – “Whilst South Africa has been slow to gear up for solar power generation,” Justin Clarkson, sales director of TIA, says, “the benefits of using solar power are now becoming clearer.  Once seen as an expensive alternative to fossil fuel based electricity, improved and cheaper technologies have made it more attractive.”
This year has seen construction underway on eight, wind power and 18 solar power plants across South Africa, emanating from the first window of the department of energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) that aims to produce 3,725MW from wind, solar, small hydro-gas, biogas, biomass and landfill gas by 2016.

And, according to Wikipedia, solar power in South Africa is expected to reach 8,400 MW by 2030, along with 8,400 MW of wind power with a 5,000 MW solar park planned for Upington and a 50 MW concentrated photovoltaics power plant planned for Touwsrivier in the Western Cape.
“We are therefore well positioned to take advantage of these developments with the Seaward Solar range of solar PV test equipment. From solar site-survey to commissioning tests, PV system maintenance and PV system certification, Seaward Solar has it covered.” Clarkson says.

The Seaward Solar range of electrical solar PV test equipment, represented in South Africa by Test Instruments Africa (TIA), enables photovoltaic installers to meet all testing and certification recommendations of IEC 62446 safely and efficiently.
“Specialised test equipment for solar PV installations has been long-anticipated within the industry which we responded to by creating a range of solar PV test equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of solar installers,” Nathan Ridgway, Seaward’s international business development manager, says.